NZSkydive Ltd embarks on a new journey as 'NZAero'

Nov 01, 2023

In a bold strategic move to better reflect its core business and global presence, NZSkydive Ltd proudly announces its new trading name, 'NZAero'. This transformation marks a pivotal moment for the company, signalling its strong foothold in the international aviation market and emphasizing its commitment to innovation and excellence in the production of utility aircraft and aircraft parts. As the sole commercial aircraft manufacturer in New Zealand, the company has continuously demonstrated its dedication to delivering aircrafts that perform where others can’t. 
The decision to rebrand as 'NZAero' was not merely a matter of nomenclature; rather, it is a deliberate step towards aligning the company's identity with its multifaceted operations and global significance. With its business focussed on the production of utility aircraft and parts, the new name, NZAero, perfectly encapsulates the essence of the company's mission and capabilities, with its feet firmly on New Zealand soil. 
"We believe that the change to 'NZAero' will not only enhance our brand visibility but also communicate our core values and expertise more accurately to our global clientele," expressed the CEO of NZSkydive Ltd. "Our commitment to excellence remains unwavering, and this transformation represents our dedication to the aviation industry." 
As NZAero embarks on this new chapter, it remains committed to upholding its legacy of quality, reliability, and pioneering spirit. With a clear vision for the future and an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction, NZAero is poised to continue shaping the trajectory of the aviation industry, both in New Zealand and across the globe. 
This rebranding initiative stands as a testament to NZAero's enduring passion for aviation excellence and principles to manufacture aircraft that are optimised for the jobs they do. We believe our customers success drives our success. NZAero reaffirms its dedication to providing versatile aviation solutions for clients around the globe, by Landing Possibilities, Anywhere.