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Pacific Aerospace is a company that's going places in more ways than one. With staffing numbers increasing from 106 in 2007 to 157 in 2009, we have seen growth in every facet of the business.

There are many benefits in working for Pacific Aerospace in addition to the reward of seeing an aircraft depart from the facility destined for aid work in Africa, skydiving in Europe and other roles around the world. It is doing a job that few in New Zealand get the opportunity to do: making a product that is world leading in its class. 

Other benefits of working at PAL include such things as the possibility for in-house promotion, subsidised health insurance, on-site parking, a country location yet close to Hamilton City, an active Social Club, friendly and supportive staff, and early finishes on Fridays for Production staff.

PAL is proactive in developing the business.  In 2008 we undertook a Lean Manufacturing programme which we titled the Pacific Aerospace Competitive Edge (PACE) Programme. This has led to significant productivity gains and improved the work environment. This initiative will continue to roll into other parts of the organisation.

PAL is a multi disciplined company where many different occupations and skill sets are required. These include:

  • Aircraft design engineering
  • Machining
  • Composite fabrication
  • Quality control
  • Technical document publication
  • Aircraft assembly
  • Electrical wiring harness assembly
  • Avionics panel assembly and testing
  • Administration support
  • Technical and spare parts support

The continuous development and improvement of our products ensures a challenging and exciting environment where suggestions and input from staff is valued.

The attributes that PAL seeks in its employees are:

  • Leading by example
  • Acting in a mature and professional manner at all times.
  • Being a reliable and enthusiastic supporter of the company's goals.
  • Being supportive of and concerned for the welfare of team members.
  • Sharing expertise and providing practical support.

In summary PAL offers:

  • Possibility of In-house promotions
  • Subsidised Health Insurance
  • Continuous Product Development
  • Challenging Environment
  • Country location yet within ten minutes drive of Hamilton, Cambridge & Te Awamutu
  • Multi Disciplined Company
  • On-site Parking
  • Active Social Club
  • Friendly supportive staff
  • Early finishing on Fridays for Production Staff
  • Exciting product going to customers all over the globe.
  • Suggestions and input from staff is valued with a formal Opportunities For Improvement (OFI) system in place.

Human Resources

Claire Malligan
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