Located at Hamilton International Airport in New Zealand's North Island, (a two hour drive from Auckland), NZSkydive Ltd, now trading as NZAero is manufacturing the well-known utility aircraft 750XL & 750XL-II SuperPac, Cresco & Fletcher, E-350 Expedition, and the CT/4 Airtrainer .

Having received CAA NZ’s Part 148 approval in March 2022 we are the only commercial aircraft manufacturer in New Zealand.  We are currently manufacturing 750XLs and supporting operators worldwide with technical design support and spares for all legacy aircraft types. 

We have spares and parts in stock and are supporting our 400+ 750XL, CT-4 AirTrainers, Fletcher FU-24, Cresco and E-350 Expedition customers.

We have the capability to manufacture these types and received Certificate of Airworthiness approval for the new SuperPac 750XL-II in October 2023.

 CAANZ Approved


Part 146

Part 148

Part 19f

Design Organisation Certificate

Manufacturing Organisation Certificate

Supply Organisation Certificate