750XL Video

P-750 Mk III

Airborne Surveillance P-750 XSTOL

P-750 XSTOL Airborne Surveillance Demonstration (Courtesy of NAC, South Africa)

P-750 XSTOL Onboard Video

In-cockpit view in the P-750 XSTOL aircraft during a handling display.

P-750 XSTOL Utility

P-750 XSTOL Skydiving

P-750 XSTOL Agriculture

P-750 XSTOL Play All

P-750 XSTOL Slideshow

P-750 XSTOL Performance Demonstration

At AAD2008, renowned South African pilot Chris Briers flying a standard production P-750 XSTOL weighing 4,200 lbs and complete with cargo pod, put the aircraft through its paces.  The demonstration climaxed in Chris achieving a landing distance of 164ft (50m) and a take off distance of less than 104ft (32m). This crowd pleasing demonstration left no uncertainty to the amazing STOL performance and manoeuvrability of the P-750 XSTOL.

Africa Aerospace & Defence Expo 2008, Air Force Base Ysterplaat, Cape Town, South Africa, Date: 19th September 08, Elevation: 200ft (61m), Wind: 10kts, Temp: 12°C

P-750 XSTOL Durban Virginia Airshow

A video of the Pacific Aerospace PAC-750 XSTOL performing at the 2009 annual Durban Virginia Airshow on South Africa's east coast.